Vanishing Pints have no gigs booked as of 10/8/2018

band posing at Redwood Curtain Brewery

Vanishing Pints

take the folksy and poetic elements of Irish music, run them through a filter of fluctuating attitudes and fermented beverages, and unbottle acoustic based music perfect for a mishmash of merriment. With a rambunctious and irreverent approach, the Pints use their decades of combined musical experience to emphasize malted exuberance and hopped up revelry. With working class laments, sea shanties, drinking songs, and original compositions, Vanishing Pints draw a draught of bubbly licks and tongue twisting phrases, with shots of mournful beauty for good measure. Be forwarned, people tend to break out in carbonated dancing when Vanishing Pints perform.

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Brewers of bedlam:

  • Jeff Kelley: Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitars, Hops, Boiling
  • Leslie Quinn: Vocals, Guitar, Kazoo, Interjections, Thumbing, Fermenting
  • Evan Morden: Fiddle, Lautering
  • Marla Joy: Percussion, Mashing
  • Kevin Johnson: Bass, Malting

Live Shows

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